Live Tweeting & Storify

This week I did a couple things for the very first time. I live tweeted an event and created and used the app Storify to help tell my story which you can access below. I live tweeted one of the basketball games at my school this week. It was my school, Saint Mary-Of-The-Woods College versus Danville Area Community College. Live tweeting added a whole new aspect to watching the basketball game. I had to really keep up with what was going on instead of maybe taking a call or texting someone if it hadn’t been for me live tweeting. It felt good putting my school’s team out there for the whole internet to see and discuss. The only thing that it took away from the game was sometimes I would miss important parts of the game when I was looking down at my phone making a tweet. With tweeting and compiling my tweets with Storify it made me realize how exciting the game was. Looking back at my tweets of the scores and what was going on with the game seemed different than when I was experiencing it in person. I love that I can go back and enjoy my night that I experienced with my Storify story. Live tweeting is a great way to communicate and discuss such topics like political or historical events with people who can have a whole other perspective about what is going on. Live tweeting is great for press conferences or presidential debates because you can inform people who can’t watch the event. I feel like live tweeting could have the drawback of the negative commentary from other twitter users. If you are live tweeting about political topics you are most likely going to make someone upset with what you have to say about the manner. I learned that you can use Twitter in both serious and funny interactions. If you want to tweet something goofy that is going on Twitter is for you or if you want to express how you feel about a current trend Twitter is also the place. It was neat to see how versatile Twitter really is for all possible topics that can be discussed. I will definitely be live tweeting the Oscars now and using Storify to then tell the story with my live tweets. You should give it a try!  



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