Let’s Talk Online Communities

Hello all,
This weeks blog post is about online communities. What exactly is an online community you ask? Well an online community is a virtual community whose members interact with each other while online. I bet you’re part of an online community yourself. Do you have a Facebook or an Instagram? If so you are part of one too. Online communities can be really beneficial for people. It’s been proven that online communities can even change your behavior for the better. Like for instance the online health community SPARKPEOPLE. In this community you can seek companionship and advice from other people who share the same health problems. Are you having issues losing your last 10 pounds? Other people who have been in the same boat can give you advice on ways to overcome your plateau. You can also talk to their online health experts. I myself have lost 30 pounds and want to stay on top of staying healthy so I will be joining the community for the support and encouragement it offers. If you want to possibly join and online community you can visit this site and find one that is a good fit for you. Some other benefits of an online communities are

  1. Trust, you meet like minded individuals who you can confide in.
  2. Self-worth, engaging with people who can help you with your problems will   increase your confidence and self-worth.
  3. Empowerment, with the support to change and to become a better you, you feel the empowerment that you were searching for.

For more about the benefits of online communities you can visit this article. Online communities can even have face to face interaction. Some online communities have fundraisers, get-togethers, or time to catch a game at a local bar with people who love the same team as you. Time magazine has an article where you can view photographer Amy Lombard’s photographs of online communities meeting and interacting. If you spend a lot of time scrolling through your social media sites why not join a beneficial online community!


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