What in the Haute Happenings is this?

This week’s post is about running a website successfully. I had the opportunity this week to listen to a local woman who runs a website as a part time job while being a stay at home mom. I easily connected with this lady when she said she was an English major in college. Which she went to none other than Terre Haute’s Indiana State University. I instantly was ready to hear what she had to say because as an English major you always here “What are you going to do with your degree? Teach?” There is nothing wrong with teaching but that isn’t the only thing you can do with an English degree and I wanted to see what she did with hers since she is pretty successful. Rachel Brown of Haute Happenings was a very charismatic woman who had a lot to tell us about her hobby turned business. She does this because she enjoys writing about things she loves and is connected to. Well of course that will be about kids and Terre Haute if you didn’t catch that with her clever name. As a mother in Terre Haute she wanted local people to know there are fun things to do in our city and she wanted to show them. Her page started in 2013 and has become a success. Local parents and others who look for family fun use her page to find activities in our community. She has accumulated almost 8,000 followers on her page. She says to make a page like hers such a success you have to make connections and stay in contact with your followers. She does this by posting at least once a day at the same time everyday. Her webpage is also successful in the way it’s setup. It’s easy to navigate and read. She also does a great job with targeting her specific audience(moms and dads). She posts things that would be of interest to them such as a list of the best local summer camps and fun things to do at our Children’s Museum. If you are parent in the Wabash Valley go take a gander at Haute Happenings!16142231_1214229902018528_1629109528329894183_n


Picture from Haute Happening’s Facebook page.


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