T<3RRE Haut<3

I am pretty excited to talk about this week’s blog. This week I will be discussing a class project that I will be participating in my professional writing course. (You’re probably thinking “what do you even do in a professional writing course?”) YOU KNOW WHAT WE DO?! We create websites that promote and bring positive light to our college town. The wonderful town of Terre Haute, Indiana. (No that is not sarcasm you pessimistic Hautians.) There is a lot to love about Terre Haute and my classmates and myself will be sharing with you things that you are overlooking in our great community. I am not sure if it’s an Indiana thing or a rural city kind of thing but there is a lot of bashing towards our city. When a prominent member of our community has good things to say about or town maybe we need to evaluate our not-so-nice opinions. In class we had a panel of a few Terre Haute residents(some life long and some fairly new.) The panelists had great things to say about our town. Richard Payonk, executive director of United Way of the Wabash Valley, answered “Our capacity to care for one another is higher than I see at other places,”when he was asked what was Terre Haute’s best kept secret. Richard is not the only one who thinks highly of Terre Haute. I want to share all the things I admire in the Wabash Valley. I want members of our community to start being proud of the town we live in. It deserves some admiration!
Here is the article for more from the Terre Haute panel.


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