Hauteans In Motion

As I’ve talked about before in my previous post of what my classmates and I are doing in our professional writing class; We are creating a website to bring positivity to Terre Haute. We came up with a name to the website this week and it’s really catchy. It will be called Hauteans in Motion. We learned a lot of history from a documentary about or town this week. The documentary is called The Story of Terre Haute.

What I found interesting about our town was that we used to be referred to as Sin City. We were considered as sinful as the cities of Chicago and Saint Louis. We were known for brothel houses and gambling. If you came to Terre Haute today you wouldn’t ever expect something like that from the town.
We also learned that there was so much to do in Terre Haute. On a Monday night you could watch a play or go dancing. We had the entertainment that a big city like Chicago would offer. We don’t have a big nightlife scene as we did in the 1920’s but we still have a lot of great things to offer and I hope we capture that in our website and make people fall in love with Terre Haute again.

Image result for terre haute

Picture taken by the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce


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