Terre Haute, Terre Haute

This week has made our project become very real. We are all working on some of our pitches for Hauteans in Motion. Last night after work I took advantage of the sun setting and went downtown and took some photos for our website.

I thought some of important shots that I should try and get would be of our courthouse which is directly downtown and Wabash street where there are many small businesses that make the street come to life.

I was totally in my element taking photos besides it was really chilly and my hands were going numb. Indiana weather is unpredictable. Being downtown taking photos of passing cars I would get an occasional friendly honk that just shows how friendly Terre Hauteans are.

We are really doing this. We are creating a website that could end up being huge in our city. We already have the recognition of the Chamber of Commerce and United Way of the Wabash Valley. Hopefully our site will gain a lot of attention and it will have a huge impact on Terre Haute.

Just taking photos downtown made me fall in love with the town a little bit more. It gets such a bad rap but we are actually a great little city. Being downtown especially gives you that feeling of greatness. It’s come a long way.



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