Earth Day 2017

The semester is coming to a close and our website it becoming ever more real. Tomorrow I will be working on my last article for the site. I will be attending the 19th annual Earth Day at Saint Mary-Of-The-Woods College. This is a very popular event not only on the campus but also on in the Wabash Valley.

I am pretty excited to be attending and I know my little brother and sister are as well. I have promised them they could come along with me and they can take part in all the activities there will be for kids. If you click on the hyperlink above you can view all the events that will be taking place tomorrow at the event. There will be pony rides, bicycle blessings, food, and even knitting. There will be an event for everyone there, and I can’t wait to have my camera and take photos of all the fun that will be happening.

I will be doing my article about how the Sister of Providence are so involved with not only the community but the environment and its sustainability. They are a bunch of very smart, caring ladies and their work deserves to be recognized.

Image result for SMWC earth day 2017

Photo by The Sisters of Providence.


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